Fall 2019

Tailgating at the University of Wyoming Football Game!

What a great day for a footbal game!  The sky was blue, the Wyoming Cowboys won and the staff from the CPA Group of Laramie tailgated.  We enjoyed visiting with all of our community partners who stopped by for a burger and a beer!  GO POKES!



Summer 2019


We all need a little sunshine in our lives.  Look at how the CPA Group of Laramie, LLC supports the Laramie Community, has fun and soaks up some rays all in one day!


Christmas 2018

Ugly Sweaters

Isn't an ugly sweater in the eye of the beholder?  Some may just say our sweaters for the holiday season are just overly feastive.  We will let you decide!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

Halloween 2018

Monster Mash

Witches, goblins and zombies, oh my!  Monsters from all corners of the globe overtook the CPA Group of Laramie this Halloween.  We had even had a sea monster, a Yeti, Medusa, Frankenstien and a mad sceintist this year.  Monsters love to deliever Halloween treats to our community partners though.  Happy Halloween to all!


Summer Picnic 2018


Everyone loves a good picnic, right?  We sure do!  The CPA Group of Laramie is a competitive bunch, so even at our annual picnic we have contests.  Look how fast we can eat Watermelon and how fun we can make a game of Bingo!  Not to mention the climbing opportunities at Vedawoo.




Halloween 2017

Team members at the CPA Group of Laramie, LLC are excited to bring you Halloween 2017!  Between costums, pumpkin decorating and delivering yummy treats around the communitiy, it is a busy week at the office.  Thank you to all of our fantastic partners in the Laramie area!


Jubilee Days with a Flare of Chili!

Getting out in the community at it's best!  This year, members of the CPA Group of Laramie participated in the annual Casi Chili Cook Off during Jubilee Days.  Our Tax Code Red Chili took 1st place!  Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and sampled our inTAXicating Green Chili and our TAXcode Red Chili.